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I designed a channeling course specifically for people who want to be independent and want to connect to their own inner guidance. They can deepen their access to their intuition and inspiration.

They learn how to connect with their Soul, their body, different levels of consciousness including guides, animals, nature, stones etc.


If you want to gain access to this course, drop me an email with the subject "channeling course" at


There are videos with the theory part that I am going to give you access to. You need to watch them thoroughly first, noting down any questions that may arise (as everyone is at a different learning path so some vocabulary might be unknown, yet after talking we'll find out that that concept is known, just different words are used to describe it).

After studying the theory, we'll connect on a video call and discuss your unique situation and needs, tailoring what you want to learn for your life situation specifically.

Then, I'll attune you, so it's easier for you to access the channeling state right away. (Similar to energy attunements some people might know.)

The last and most important part will be practicing. I will guide you and you're going to channel.

You'll also learn about automatic writing.


After finishing our session, I encourage you to practice often! Thanks to the attunement, it's much easier for you to channel right away but I can't give you results without you putting the time and focus in. I hope you saw that I didn't write effort. Because effort is not needed. Channeling is our forgotten natural state.


You'll also gain access to a closed facebook group where you can get some more inspiration and ask any questions that may arise later in time while exploring the depths of consciousness.


There are some bonuses awaiting you - 3 different types of meditation to access the channeling state and a worksheet of how to ask the right questions.


As part of the course you'll learn:

- how to connect to your own inner wisdom and to different levels of consciousness

- how to be a clear channel

- how to expand your clairsenses

- the benefits of channeling in your everyday life

- about different brainwaves, tools, and levels of consciousness

- about grounding

- automatic writing


and much more!



Here is a video of me channeling, so you can get a taste of how channeling can look like (after a lot of practice!).


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