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My sessions are intended for creative Beings, that are on their path to fulfill their potential and some struggles and issues come in the way of fully expressing their unique gifts to the world.


But you don’t need to be an artist to benefit, as everyone can be creative.

Maybe you are blocked from the flow of creativity, maybe you don’t know what your path is and you are still searching.

You can even feel like it’s too much and want to give up, feel depressed or have trouble sleeping, maybe even filling the void by addictive behaviour... That are all things I focus on in my sessions, too.


I just feel like the artist community is very much underserved when it comes to coaching, therapy and informing creative people how to lead a balanced life.


Our goal is to become centered, tune into the deepest desires of your soul and express them. Because only you can bring those big visions and “crazy ideas” into life. And it's definitely not by following other people's paths!

The purpose is to live a balanced, happy and healthy life. 


I’m here to empower you and clear the path together with you from any obstacles you might face and to heal past pain and sorrow that can hold you back from achieving your dreams.





- where you learn how to transmit your intentions to the audience (should they feel joy / love / peace / compassion?) - overall intention for the whole gig plus each song can transmit a different quality

-where you learn how to work with the energy of the audience to have a mutually beneficial energy exchange and to NOT get drained or overwhelmed



- where you learn what to do if you feel exhausted by performing to an audience or doing meet and greets

- where you learn how to deal with and maintain your energy under huge pressure of tabloids, haters on social media etc.

SONGWRITING SESSIONS (/writer's blocks removals)


- where you learn how to tap into your creativity any time, without the need for substances or being sleepy

- where you learn how to be a channel for good intentions and energy coming through your songs and changing the world




- where you learn how to channel your inner XYZ safely and effectively

- where you learn how to clean yourself / detach from the role

- and how to maintain emotional and mental hygiene



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