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Do you have a conscious* business that you want to grow?

Are there any struggles coming up while you (and your employees) want to put an idea into reality?

Are there particular strengths or weaknesses of your business that you want to work on?


An intuitive marketing session will give you insight into why you experience certain difficulties so you can change them.

We reprogram your limiting beliefs and constructs in your business into positive, growing ones.

You will gain practical tips and guidelines to implement and information on what to change or do to accomplish your goals.


I will take you to the next level no matter where you're starting from:

  • VISION - first one needs to be very clear to where they want to go (unlike popular belief it doesn't help to just start doing anything when there's no clear direction where one wants to go, it's of no use to even start)

  • FORM - as in services or products, unique selling points etc.

  • PRESENTATION - image to the outer world, name search, which social media are native for you to use?

  • MARKETING - identify primary / natural marketing steps


  • LEVEL UP - from zero to side job, to a full-time job, to full-time with an assistant and task-oriented outside help to a team and also to possible franchises or people facilitating who were trained by you / from regional to national to international




* conscious meaning socially and ecologically responsible, cruelty-free, fair trade, organic, vegan etc.


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